Welcome To Tecumseh Group

Tecumseh Group, Inc. is an independent forum management company. Through the Tek-Tips and Eng-Tips Forums sites, professionals of all types can participate in discussions with others in their specific areas of expertise.

TipMaster's professional communities provide a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL "public knowledge system" for various groups of professionals. Our "public Intranets" permit collaboration on the various communities most pressing and complex issues while building a searchable database. To learn about the company behind TipMaster view Administration for site procedures and general information.

A Message From the CEO

Our goal at Tecumseh Group is to put people of like mind together. We give people the opportunity to discuss real world issues in a non-threatening, non-commercial atmosphere. The members of our forums have a right to communicate free of commercialism, and we at Tecumseh Group stand ready to vigorously defend that right. With the help of our members using the "Red Flag" utility found in our TipMaster forums, we can accomplish this goal.

If there are any questions regarding our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

David F. Murphy, CEO
Tecumseh Group, Inc.