Market to our Technical Community

If you are interested in marketing to our technical communities here are your options:

Purchase targeted ad banner space.  Have your company's banners seen ONLY by the people you want to see it.  Banners can be placed in one or any number of the forums as the exclusive advertiser.  Or, you can purchase ad space on the "run of site" basis.

Banner size is 468x60 for the forums and 250x300 for front page advertisements.  File size less than 15K preferred.

Purchase a targeted mail list!  Using our proprietary mailing list (called the Message Forwarding Service or MFS) you can e-mail to the targeted groups of your choice!  The MFS system allows you to build a targeted and customized list by the TYPE of professional and/or their INTERESTS.  Pricing is dynamic based upon the number of valid e-mail addresses you select and displays on every page as you build and select your list.

Customers enjoy the flexibility of the system to allow targeting of members down to the forum level.  To enter the mail list system visit:

   Tek-Tips Forums
   Eng-Tips Forums

Who to contact
Thank you for your interest in our technical forums.  Contact The Advertising Department with any questions about either placing ad banners or using the mail list.

For our mail system customers, we highly recommend the services of our partner, NetHawk Interactive.  NetHawk offers a wide array of professional services including copy writing and lead tracking.  We have worked with them for years. Their service is professional, and they also work with many other technology list managers.  NetHawk Interactive, Inc. is dedicated to providing Permission based list management services to enterprises and list brokers.